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Shishko Disco

Shishko Disco was first born in the spring of 2014 in the foothill's of the Himalayan Mountains. The band Is the musical project of Moshe Zehavi and its vocalist Joy Tyson. The diverse musical expression within Shishko gathers contemporary, arab, progressive rock, funk and afro groove to produce a modern music revelent to our time. Its an energetic, animated and theatrical show that is sure to move a room. The music of shishko Disco Is written and arranged by Moshe Zehavi and the musical world that is expressed in Shishko touches an authentic realm of fusion between traditions. When traditions come together it gives birth to a new, wider culture.

In this way we are aiming to communicate our message. That every culture being pure and outstanding is also a part of a wider global human culture which we are unraveling ever so rapidly in this time and age.

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